Fran’s Macca Blog

To compare Paul McCartney with his contemporaries is, to say the least, very unfair. For having set the standard over 50 years ago,  the rock legend continues to woo audiences today. Having amassed one of the most coveted catalogs in rock ‘n’ roll history, in a time when the word genius is banded about all too easily, McCartney continues to output a prolific collection of songs to this day.

Having been 1/2 of the world’s most celebrated and enduring songwriting collaborative teams, revered the world over, and considered as poets of their generation, Lennon and McCartney’s legend looms large over the music industry still. Their body of work remains a lucrative goldmine of Rock ‘n’ Roll valued at hundreds of millions. Their gift of writing hit songs is unparalleled, endearing them to millions of new fans worldwide every decade.

And if that wasn’t enough, McCartney went on to form Wings and have even more success selling millions of records and setting new records with their massive hit “Mull of Kintyre” and beyond. He’s also credited with being the first artist to make a low-FI album, (that being his first solo album titled “McCartney”).He’s even ventured into the field of classical music with his oratorio, and dance music also through his project “The Fireman”. His voice may well have changed through the years, but that’s also part of the chameleon that is Paul McCartney, Ever composing .. ever evolving .. ever covering new ground. A compositional bar raiser, and an international musical treasure. His new world tour “Got Back” is selling healthily, and the success of the Disney series “Get Back” continues to find a new audience of avid admirers, to help cement his position in rock history.